Allan McDonald, Meg Porteous, Haruhiko Sameshima and David Straight. Curated by Tim J. Veling.

In Situ Photo Project at The Welder, 9 – 30 September 2017

“For the first show in such a historically layered space, a selection of work by four photographers was made that might help us see what otherwise often lies hidden in plain sight; aspects of our built, material and visual culture that are so readily taken for granted, at least until we suddenly find ourselves without them, or have them pointed out. Through the work exhibited, we are presented with four very idiosyncratic views of our everyday, vernacular culture. Be that within sites of tourist activity, museums and parks; within utilitarian built environments and manufactured landscapes, domestic settings or retail spaces. We see aspects of ourselves reflected in the cast-off goods sold in thrift shops, the smiling faces of models who front advertising campaigns and the architecture in which all of this ‘stuff’ is housed.”